Professor Inkslinger (G. L. Barber) was a big fan and novice to the art of tattooing beginning in 1968 until 1980 when he opened the first studio in Johnson county Kansas. one of only three in the metro Kansas City area at that time.
   The Professor is a family man, Married to Sandra in 1973 they had two daughters one of whom they lost at the age of 16 in 1993 to a car accident. and daughter Amanda (Beka) who is the love of there lives.
  He enjoyed along time career as an civic actor with the Johnson county theater in the park and other venues, he retired in 2004.
    He has been a practicing Buddhist since 1968, and is a member of the Nichern Shoshu Myogoji Temple in Chicago IL. and is always happy to talk about the practice of true Buddhism with anyone who asks.
   Also the professor is an active collector of Asian antiques and fine art, many examples of witch can be found throughout the inkslinger studio.
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Here are some photos of my work.